About Us

Tradeocean Cargo & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is the registered Shipping and Logistics office in India. acquired wide knowledge and experience within long years of acting as agent for our clients at all Indian Port & ICD cities and abroad connected with logistics, support & documentations  of exportation and importation of goods. Warehouse & Insurance of cargo and equally render custom licensed clearing and Forwarding services, Legal issue relating Custom & maritime matters includes proceedings before custom authorities appeals matters. Providing Import Export Agent service to the clients mainly those importing & Exports from USA, China, U.K, North Continent, Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands & Gulf Ports. Over the years, the company successfully acquired a highly satisfied number of customers.

We provide :
Efficient, secure, reliable and timely freight forwarding services worldwide for all your air or ocean Imports & Exports with our network of premium international freight forwarding agents, shipping lines & logistics partners with detailed schedule of services

Necessary assistance to our clients in all Port and Customs related matters & customs clearance solutions including import Export Agent services all Indian Port cities and abroad for businesses of all sizes ,Whether your consignments arrive by air or sea. We specialize in clearance of all kinds of goods accordance with Standard operating procedures accepted globally.

Freight insurance gives extra coverage against the unpredictable and the unpreventable damages

Care about your merchandise as much as you do. Processing and overseeing each detail of every stage, so your merchandise arrives safely and as quickly as possible. Includes stuffing the cargo into the container or by warehousing it until the shipment will be physically effect

Expertise services in legal matters including Custom Documentation & issues, Letter of credit ( LOC) , Duty Drawback Entries ,Agreements, Dispute about Cargo Claim, Mis-declared cargo, Delay in delivery, Charges, Short landing, Customs Duty, Penalty Joint Operation Agreements, , Port & Terminal Operators, Unpaid Dues, Emigration issues ,Un-returned containers by Importers or Agents, Container thefts, Maritime, fraud ,Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including Mediation & Arbitration

Provide a 24 hour, 365/366 days a year service, ensuring a total commitment with Reduce payment  collection risks and facilitate your financial transactions almost anywhere in the world.